The wonderment of the cake world captured Samara-Faith at a young age long before the industry exploded with enthusiam. It brought her to the realisation that cakes were not only the best remedy for her sweet cravings, but the perfect medium to explore her creative soul. Her desires have always revolved around creating top quality & edible art that emphasises our connection to or understanding of life & it's beauty, eminent enough to leave an imprint on the mind, and heart. 


What she loves most about her career as a cake designer are the opportunities inspired by collaborating with clients to explore creative limits, new ideas and themes. With considerable experience in all events, she continues working heavily with most edible products and methods to strengthen her skills that enable her to bring these timeless designs to life.
Her expertise in fresh floral and natural art outweighs all - y
ou may witness this magic through a wide range of Sam's signature cakes on offer, such as the trending Wonder Wall (rectangle,) cake. 


While aesthetics and flavours are figuratively (and literally,) a piece of cake, she has not stopped tasting and testing seasonal fillings and combinations to ensure the high standard and prestige of all products. The taste of the cake inside is guaranteed to be as enchanting as the outside which, in return, makes the cake cutting less intricate and satisfyingly sweet!


Made with so much love, each cake is a special gift from Sam, to you.


Samara-Faith Ewins | Designer of Sincerely Sam Cakes



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