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A cake is the heart & highlight of any occasion which is most enjoyed with one of Sam’s beautiful creations.
As a symbol of celebration & the entwinement of souls, Sam’s cakes are prepared & presented with a delicate touch for moments of temporary bliss that are sure to leave an impression.

Her deep passion for cake design shines through these signature, unique edible works of art, and her intricate flavour combinations express her desire to please the palettes of those whose journey’s she has been honoured to be a part of.

All of Sam’s cakes are custom made to uniquely suit each event with a strong attention to detail.

Therefore, each cake is priced individually depending on requirements, such as serves, delivery & design complexity. 
As every cake is equally significant, there are no surcharges or additional fees for Wedding cakes. 
Prices start from $400.

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The Process

When it comes to fashioning a cake, Sam's designing & decorating processes are best described as 'intuitive.' Meaning, she is able to connect on a deeper level to create the most magnificent version of your dream cake. 

Her Ordering process highly reflects her designing process and she, therefore, does not recommend in-person consultations. Most of the time, decorated cakes do not mirror their drawings & often unforeseen circumstances may require Sam to take initiative & alter a design.


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