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Bespoke Cakes

While Sam is well-known for wedding cakes and favours, her creative flair drives her designs to the next level.
Each design is unique in it's own way, making a grand statement for every event whether it be for a birthday, bridal shower, christening, corporate event or a small family treat!

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Designing Something Less Ordinary



Sam’s expertise in floral design derives from her deep love of nature & it’s wonders.

Her famous works of natural art are created with, but not limited to, top quality fresh flowers, personally ordered & sourced, presenting the freedom to achieve desired textures & colour palettes.

Following the most recent trends, she has delved into the world of wafer paper with an approach to provide more intricate & personalised experiences to each person or couple on their special day.



Catering to all occasions, themed custom cakes are specially created with no limit to the imagination. 

Every request is thoroughly discussed, briefed, organised and crafted with the exceptional Sincerely, Sam magical touch to enchant not only clientele, but all guests.

Many of her signature designs cater to themes of the natural world, such as her Swan & Flamingo cake, pushing those intrigued to test their own creative limits & fashion an event that is well remembered, leaving an imprint on the heart of each guest.



As an aspiring, self-taught artist with a limitless imagination, exhibiting a unique style & expertise for the cake elements is essential. The ability to execute every design to meet the highest of standards means these artworks have become widely recognised & desired from around the world.

Her extensive experience & knowledge of the industry drives her to begin many popular trends outside the parameters of cake design, such as the 'Wonder Wall' (rectangle,) cake reaching top of the charts for Bespoke & Wedding cakes. 


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