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I have very fond memories of my mother making her signature Black Forest sponges for my birthday almost every year, just for me. She told me love was the secret ingredient which is probably why they always tasted so good…

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Founded in 2017 by Samara-Faith Ewins, ‘Sincerely, Sam Cakes’ is a quaint, home-based business located in Sydney, Australia. 


Her exposure to the industry began at a very young age as she helped her mother in the kitchens where she worked cooking hearty meals & cleaning. Although she always had a sweet tooth, what sparked her interest in making cakes & desserts was when she had the pleasure of icing her very first cake at the age of 15. 
While studying in her early school years, she spent all of her spare time baking for her family and friends as a hobby and immersing herself in the art.

With Russian, Serbian, Romanian, New Zealander, Fijian & English lineage on both sides of her family, she grew up surrounded by nature, rich culture, and very passionate people. Her family, consisting of painters, chefs, musicians, writers, and even a bridal seamstress, have inspired her endeavours.

She later attended University to study Business, Literary Editing & Journalism, meanwhile, expanding her knowledge of hospitality & experience in fine dining restaurants and hotels.

After some years, her love for cake designing intensified when she began working at a renowned Bakery in Sydney but, after working there for almost 4 years, she felt it was time to venture out & bring her own artistic visions to life.


Growing up between homes in Australia & New Zealand, she has always had a deep love for nature & it’s magic, which is reflected in her finely curated, Avant-garde & innovative cake designs. 

Now, at 28, she has established her own unique image & style, bringing her to the forefront of the cake industry, setting many trends & inspiring aspiring cake decorators with her unique, yet refined, ideas & unconventional concepts.

Sam has high standards for her business as an artist & perfectionist, and takes great pride in the quality of her work, ensuring all cakes that leave her hands are baked & decorated with the highest quality ingredients and the utmost amount of love & care.


Behind every cake is a person who is filled with unbridled passion & joy to be living her dreams, featuring her work to the world and having the opportunity to be a fundamental part of a very special day.

S-F. E

Samara-Faith Ewins


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