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About Sam


Samara-Faith Ewins is a self-taught cake creative and owner of ‘Sincerely, Sam Cakes,’ her quaint business based in Sydney, Australia.


Since she began baking from home at the age of 15, her talents have bloomed and instinctively carried her down the path of cake designing to a place she can efficiently work full-time doing what she loves most.

Now, at 27, she has established her own unique image bringing her to the forefront of the cake industry with over 10 years’ professional experience.

Avant-garde and untraditional designs are her forte, influenced by her passion towards environmentalism, mythology and all the ethereal wonders of the universe.


Such themes are what spark her intuitive concepts, and are highlighted in most of her best-selling original ‘cake’ works; the Wonder Wall, (rectangle cake,) Infinity (cone cake,) Apollo or the Swan & Flamingo cakes.

Always pushing her creative boundaries & limits, she has even found herself beginning numerous trends such as adding delicate wafer butterflies, golden candles or even (real) cotton 'clouds'!

With deep interests in health, herbalism and food art, alongside Sam’s feminine approach to on-trend aesthetic, she raises the prestige of nature’s wonders with fresh floral art and mouth-watering flavours.


Discovering how to best exercise this form of alchemy was detrimental as she believes the inside should reflect the outside and be just as heart melting as mouth watering! Every single cake is baked with the utmost amount of love, care and fresh, high quality ingredients. Each recipe, every pairing, or combination, has been tweaked & tested to meet Sam’s highest standards.


The impressive success Sam has experienced in such a short amount of time leaves plenty for her to dream about. Her aspirations run deep and as far as owning a boutique bakery with a florist storefront, akin to a welcoming café either clients, or guests, can sit for a cake consultation, or a coffee & cupcake.


Sam wishes to gift something very special with every custom cake that leaves her careful hands; a temporary moment of bliss that will last forever in your memory.

She would like to thank you for supporting and coaxing her on this path to her dreams.


Samara-Faith Ewins | Founder & Designer of Sincerely, Sam Cakes

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