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Try something new with these Cake Guides now available in trending shapes & sizes, such as the Butterfly Cake.



  • Guides come in various colours with at least 1 non-stick Matte side.
  • 3mm width makes them light & easy to use on cake tops and bottoms.
  • Each set comes engraved with our signature logo.
  • As Guides are made for top & bottom of your cakes (not the sides,) height & tiers can be easily customised to suit height, portion or design requirements.
  • The Butterfly cake can be flipped up onto the side to create a 'cake-top-forward' effect (as shown in picture.)

Butterfly cake available in one size only (10" full width.)

With a standard depth of approximately 5-6 inches (3 inner cake layers,) the Butterfly Cake feeds approximately 12 Party / 24 Dessert / 48 Coffee Portions.

Butterfly Cake Guide Boards

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Please, allow 3-6 Business days to process & produce your order (excludes Postage time.)
    Purchase will be shipped once production is completed, in accordance with the provided shipping times at checkout.

    If you require a shipment urgently, please, consider we require minimum 1 weeks’ notice for an order to be processed (in case of any packaging or production delays.)
    If so, note in the comment section the date it is required so we can mark it as priority & have it shipped to you on time.

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